Discover LogoMate® in retail and wholesale for high availability and optimal stocks.

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Use LogoMate® to plan your materials and achieve optimum capacity utilization.

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Get to know us as specialists for stock optimization and sales forecasting.

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Stock optimization and precise sales forecasting for optimum stock management in business and industry

LogoMate® is an easy-to-use solution for sales forecasting, scheduling and stock optimization (Forecast and Replenishment). It has been highly successful in business and industrial applications since 1997, offering precise sales forecasts, scheduling and stock optimization.

Every company faces the task of deciding what needs to be ordered, how much, and from whom, in order to maintain the necessary delivery standards and minimize purchasing and logistics costs.

LogoMate® can help solve these challenges, with stocks organized exactly according to need. Return- and sales-oriented orders are automatically created, thus assuring deliverability and availability. With precise sales forecasts, LogoMate® can adjust the size of safety buffers dynamically to the right level for every article in every location. Through need-oriented capacity management, LogoMate® achieves minimal costs, more transparency, and higher profits. LogoMate® helps you markedly improve purchasing and production.

You can reduce your stocks and improve availability and delivery standards. Automated processes help you increase productivity. That allows you to assign capacity and resources more efficiently throughout your organization.

A flexible interface allows LogoMate® to interact with SAP, Navision, proAlpha, or internal programs, and to be fitted to all possible company structures and requirements. One-level or multi-level scheduling, spare parts management, industrial processes, as well as Vendor Managed Inventory can be successfully implemented with LogoMate®.

Even with more than 30 million SKUs results are calculated daily, because Remira for 15 years by its rapid in-memory technology.

Your advantages with LogoMate®:Absatzplanung und Bestandsoptimierung mit LogoMate

  • reduced stocks
  • increased availability / deliverability
  • minimized Out-Of-Stock situations
  • reduced scheduling effort
  • optimum product distribution
  • optimum product range
  • automated forecasts
  • better event planning
  • more satisfied customers
  • higher returns